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Letting Go - a rough draft of a meandering song

I trace your footsteps in my dreams
Why did you say you’d never leave me now I know
That you’ve got wheels instead of feet I watch them spinning in your sleep and
now I know
You can’t rope a tornado in, well you can try but you’ll never win
You can’t chain a wave to shore maybe she’ll stay maybe she won’t…

So I watch you packing to hit the road
Still I ain’t asking for you to stay no more
I want you so much it hurts my soul
I guess sometimes real love means letting go

Everyone I know, says you treat me wrong, but they don’t see the way you look at me in the early morning
Light that slowly wakes me with your fingers on my face, it shakes my heart in two, this ache, this way I feel for you
From the early morning til the afternoon and by eveningtime I’m hoping that you’ll CALL. ME. SOON. Say hello. Ask me how. I have been. Without you now.

Cuz I watched you packing to hit the road, but I wasn’t asking for you to stay no more.
I want you so much, it hurts my soul.
I guess sometimes real love means letting go.

And I let you go, cuz I love you so,
I let you go

Because you are a bird and I want to see you fly.

Wasn’t expecting to meet these guys at the @Spotify music hackathon today! #nycmusic  (at Spotify)
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song. start. untitled. ideas.

It’s amazing here how a couple years can do a number on your soul and I’m gonna write, my number on you. So you won’t forget me when you’re walking home drunkenly, but it’s Brooklyn so you’re not an alcoholic, I’m gonna find a way through. And you’re not the best but you’re not the worst and I can see our naked bodies waking up on a Sunday and, reading the news. Over orange juice and a piece of toast and a smile so wide just cuz I’m not alone anymore.

[Chorus: I can’t be alone, I can’t be alone anymore]

Well I used to think love was all we needed and I tried and I tried but I never succeeded. So tell me, what’s the use? And then I got a good job and I worked real hard so I could get what I want and I bought a new car, and that felt good. But then the car broke down on a trip out of town and I had no one to call there was no one around, I got so blue. So I thought you could come over for a drink or a meal, we can watch lots of movies and forget how to feel or a meal and a drink and forget how to think, eat pizza together and call this forever cuz

I can’t be alone.

Free chocolate for breakfast? #yesplease #brooklynlove